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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Working life.

So I'm currently having my practical in one of audit firms at Shah Alam. 
During this peak time of audit, I've been so stressed with work lately as I never stepped out from my office before than 8 p.m. Paling lambat 3 o'clock in the morning. Can you imagine?

I'm physically and mentally tired with this job due to lack of sleep. When I arrived at home at 10 p.m every day, I only managed to be on my bed at 1 a.m. and need to wake up early at 6 a.m to make sure pukul 7 pagi lagi tayar kereta i dah bergolek kat atas jalan raya to avoid jammed. That is how I'm struggling with my morning routine since I started working as an auditor. I mean trainee auditor. Lol.

But I still need to take it positively, all these challenges are sooner or later would benefit me in something I never expect kan. Belum cerita pasal tasks and job scope I kena buat kat office tu. Kena marah macam perkara biasa because of soalan bodoh which they take it as soalan bodoh but how they can expect we know to do things without learning it first. Hmmm tahan je lah. Sometimes diorang marah bukan sebab taknak ajar pun. Sebab diorang stress dgn kerja diorang. Macam lah kita tak stress sebab tak tau nak buat something tu.

But I learned a lot throughout the process kena marah and kena push sampai siap. Balik rumah baru boleh lepas nangis kut. Kat office kena tahan and simpan je dalam hati. No hard feelings sebab kerja kena siap tak boleh bawak balik rumah sebab nanti tak buat. ha ha. 

Belum lagi dengan perangai client yang payah nak bagi commitment tau. Tu lagi stress sebab kerja tak jalan. Takpelah nanti lama lama biasa kut.

 I tulis post ni pun during weekend which my emotion is a bit stable so tak banyak bitching about my stress. Nasib baik. Kalau tak entah pape I merepek. Ni pun dah kelaut.

So this is my update after 1 month working as an auditor/accountant. Ada lagi 5 bulan tau. I can do this. Still searching for something that can make me really love this job.

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