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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Singapore Backpacker Trip 2016 | 2D1N - Part 2

Hi again. So sekarang I nak bebel utk 2nd day pulak. We went to Merlion Park, Esplanade Theatre, and Gardens by the Bay. All stops mcm dekat2 je dgn Bugis MRT. So we study dulu mcm mana nak pegi Merlion Park kat youtube banyak. Enjoy the pictures !

3. Merlion Park

4. Gardens by the Bay

Bangunan ni Marina Bay Sand. Rooftop swimming pools dia paling rare sekali. gayat tengok gambar. Itu je kut. if you got anything to ask, about cheap USS ticket ke, about flight ke, itinerary kitorang ke, direction ke, jangan malu2 contact us kay. 

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ig : @mnirahnum

Thank you for reading !

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